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Why choose Next-LVL?

Train in a small intimate setting (Max. 10 participants)
We will take the time to know you to motivate you properly with positivity.
Everyone gets an equal amount of attention unless you require more.
We will work on your weak suits and improve your strong suits.
We will track your progress as you improve with time.
When injured we will adjust the exercise specific to your problem so you can still join for a training.
Your personal goals are our number one priority
Free Trial Training to make your first step an easy one.

This can be done via Bootcamp, The Six Week Body Transformation Program or Personal Training.

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The Trainer


Owner & Head Personal Trainer

After working behind a desk for 8 years, feeling miserable and not contributing anything to his life or the world, Farid was searching for a change. He decided to pursue his passion which turned into a dream. Farid is an experienced professional Mixed Martial Artist for nearly 10 years and experienced in different fitness aspects. His dream became to teach the people all that he learned over the years. After a number of courses he became a Personal Trainer. At the start of 2015 he decided to make his dream a reality and started his own training company; and that’s how Next-LVL came about. Now his days consist of doing what he loves with a passion!

"A training needs to be fun yet challenging. The goals realistic as well as ambitious. To amaze yourself every single time is the most motivating thing there is!"

Classes at BeatrixPark

Bea Bootcamp
Max. 12 participants (minimum of 3)

Bea Bootcamp was designed so everyone could join. Even though the training can be challenging, you don’t have to worry if you haven’t trained for a while. From beginner to advanced, everyone can take part at his/ her own level. By using a lot of time based strength, conditioning and endurance training, you can challenge yourself every single training! Maximum of 10 participants (minimum of 3) can join a training at a time, so the training will always be personal and you’ll get more attention when you need it!

The following time and days for these trainings are:

Monday: 9:00 - 10:00 / 18:30 - 19:30
Wednesday: 9:00 - 10:00 / 18:30 - 19:30
Friday: 9:00 - 10:00

Bea *Power* Bootcamp
Max. 12 participants (minimum of 3)

‘The Power Bootcamp’ was designed for the ones that want variation and want to train for a more muscle toned body. By doing more strength based workouts you’ll increase strength, power, endurance and size in your muscles. By using kettlebells, dumbbells, TRX, power ropes and power bands, you will be able to do everyday tasks like lifting, carrying and walking up the stairs with greater ease. The conditioning effect will result in firmer and better-defined muscles over time. Also here is a maximum of 10 participants (minimum of 3) who can join a training at a time.

The following time and days for these trainings are:

Tuesday: 18:30 - 19:30
Thursday: 18:30 - 19:30
Saturday: 9:30 - 10:30 (can be Bea as well)

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Next-LVL Kickboxing


Max. 12 participants (minimum of 4)

Kickboxing is not only an awesome full body cardio workout, it’s also a great way to let out all the frustrations life can bring you. Other benefits to kickboxing are;

  • Working on your hand-eye coordination
  • Being able to defend yourself by learning a new skill
  • Increases your physical and mental toughness
  • Increases your self confidence and self-esteem!

Don’t worry if you’re just starting. The Kickboxing class is created so anyone of all levels can join!
So why not try it out?

If you have no boxing gloves or shin pads you can borrow those from us for one time. You can also buy gloves and shin pads from us and we'll bring it to class for you!

The following time and days for these trainings are:

Thursday: 18:30 - 19:30
Saturday: 10:00 - 11:00
*More day's/ times when popular.
**Class only at Beatrixpark. Private Kickboxing class in any park.

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Personal Training

Of course it’s also possible to get all the attention for yourself with a 1 on 1 Personal Training session. With a Personal Training every training will be designed specifically for your goals. This way we will help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently!

Do you want to train to lose weight? To become stronger? To run a Marathon? Or just to get all your anger and frustration out by boxing? All of it and more is possible!

Train one hour for €65,-! If you can’t come to Beatrixpark, I’ll come to a park near you (Vondelpark, Westerpark, Erasmuspark, Martin Luther King Park)! As soon as you sign up, we’ll contact you to set an appointment as fast as possible.

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Six Week Body Transformation

The founder of Next-LVL created the 6 week training schedule to make people feel better about themselves primarily by focusing on their mental strength. The intense training is intended to challenge and push the participants to their limits each and every time, making them realize just what they are capable of with dedication, persistence and enthusiasm. The results have proven to be mind blowing; with an average body fat loss of 4% and 4,5cm loss in waist size, it is fair to say it is a definite win-win situation for all the participants who increase their mental and physical fitness remarkably in the 6 weeks.
*Disclaimer* The results varies from person to person so it is not guaranteed. It all depends on how much you want it and if you're willing to work for it!

Not only does the immense changes in physical appearance help a person to be genuinely happy in life, but to get this sense of conquering your mind and body three times weekly sends out an incredible stream of endorphins and positive energy!!

Getting mentally strong has a positive impact on everything we do in life, for example, fighting for our dreams and life goals and never lose sight of those. Our self-esteem will grow immensely. We will glow and everyone around us starts to notice this. To continue nourishing our mental strength is key to waking up with positive energy and is what gets us through even the hardest of days.

The training also takes place at Beatrixpark in Amsterdam on Tuesday, Thursday (both at 19:30) and Saturday (09:30). Do you want to Level Up?

You will be amazed to see your progress after just 6 weeks of dedication for only € 199,95. Come challenge yourself both physically and mentally with these 18 sessions of intense personalized trainings.


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Personal Training
Train in a park near you for €65,- per session

6 Week Body Transformation
18 Training sessions in 6 weeks only €199,95

10 try-out sessions (1 time only)
For a 1 time deal only, you can take 10 try-out sessions for all regular trainings including Bea Bootcamp, Bea *Power* Bootcamp and Next-LVL Boxing for only €89,95!

You can also join and take a monthly subscription.
Subscriptions can be cancelled after the first three months with a 1 month notice period.

Ground Level
1x a week
Monthly fee off €31,95!
(Only the Bea Bootcamp is available with this subscription)

Base Level
2x a week
Monthly fee off €41,95!
(All regular trainings are included)

Upper Level
Monthly fee off €51,95!
(All regular trainings are included)

For more information and benefits of the subscriptions, click here!

*After you've signed up you’ll get an email to install our app on to your phone. In the app there is a schedule where you have to sign up to join the training. You will receive an instructional email for this.

Most Valuable Players

*Disclaimer* The results varies from person to person so it is not guaranteed. It all depends on how much you want it and if you're willing to work for it!

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